• Become aware of red flags in unhealthy relationships and learn why listening to your inner voice and intuition is so important.
  • Recognize destructive cycles and patterns so you can break them or stop them from happening in the first place.
  • Have a support system in order to conquer your fears, challenges, and adversities.
  • Own up to your part and take full responsibility for your life, for this is crucial in your own self-development, self-discovery, and evolvement.
  • Give up attachment to material possessions and self-sabotaging beliefs, for this will lead to feeling freer, lighter, and more at peace.
  • Live authentically and be true to yourself, which is the only way to feel complete, free, and empowered.
  • Change your thoughts to literally change your life.
  • Realize the power of your thoughts, for everyaction you take starts with a thought.Do not allow anyone or anything to deter you from your goals.
  • Know that you and you alone have the power to manifest your life.


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Emily Moura Moynes moved with her family from Portugal to Canada at the age of 7. She was raised in a very traditional eastern European household, in which her mother played the role of a subservient, submissive wife and a people-pleaser, while her father ruled the household as a stereotypical chauvinistic, the heavy-handed husband who believed he was the king of the castle. It was not an easy upbringing, and Emily suffered through struggles, bumps, and bruises in life, but she refused to let those define her.

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“Hi Emily, bought your book through kindle. Just finished it. You inspire me. Was amazing. I may need to get an actual copy of your book instead of just kindle. Truly amazing. Thank you,”


Finished your book this morning over a nice hot cup of green tea…

I found it to be a well-structured, well written, and very inciteful. It will no doubt serve as a VERY inspirational reading for many, many people. You’re a courageous lady, Em and have left me, and many others I’m certain, extremely proud of this and ALL of your accomplishments, to date.

Carry on and continue with your Kick-Ass life!

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